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Join us every Wednesday to stay up to date on webinars full of critical IT information, tips, trends and vendor offerings. Regular appearances on Microsoft topics, Cisco, vmware, and others. For on-demand webinars, view our on demand webinars page and filter by categories.

Surface Hub: Unlock the Power of the Group

Microsoft Surface Hub is the first of its kind and delivers an experience that integrates the best of Microsoft hardware, software, and productivity services in a single package. Microsoft is manufactured by Microsoft’s state of the art factory in Oregon, has its origins in Perceptive Pixel; an industry leader in pen and touch display technology that you might recall Microsoft acquired in 2012. The device is available in 55" HD and 84" 4k, has Built-in dual cameras, Integrated i5 and i7 4th generation CPU, includes two rechargeable pens for inking and annotating, Integrated speakers and a variety of stands and wall mounts. Windows 10 is at the core of the Surface Hub’s software, deliberately designed with group productivity in mind. Everything from the welcome screen to key experiences that groups do together, such as calling, white boarding, and connecting content were designed to be simple and intuitive. The Surface Hub can be a shared device across multiple individuals, so anyone can walk up and use it unlike a PC, where you need to log in and where your data and content is stored.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why Surface Hub?
  • How Surface Hub could increase your organization productivity?
  • How Surface Hub could help your employees to collaborate and share ideas?

Overview of the Cisco Business Edition 4000 (BE4K)

The BE4K is primarily focused on small businesses requiring voice and voice mail systems. The unique value of the BE4K are those customers who can add users/devices as they grow (“pay as you grow” once the HW appliance is deployed). All software upgrades and software support is included in the device license, removing the hassle and cost of software support.

BE4K customers have a clear migration path and investment protection (i.e. Cisco phones) as their business needs evolve. Should a customer grow their employee base, want to add other applications i.e. video conferencing, contact center etc., BE4K customers have the option of the Business Edition 6000, 7000 and Spark.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • The key selling features of the BE4K
  • What type of customers are the best prospects
  • How to access all of the selling resources supporting the BE4K

Office 365 Advanced Security

With the ever presence of an online world and the ever-growing problem of ransomware and more advanced attacks, are we doing everything possible to ensure the attacks are limited if not stopped? Microsoft is working diligently to help ensure Office 365 customers and their data are as safe as possible from outside or inside prying eyes.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Advanced notice of potential exploits and attacks
  • Ensure my data is safe with Office 365
  • Make sure all compliance controls in my Office 365 environment are enforced.

Software Asset Management Best Practices to Ensure Compliance and Reduce Audit Risk

Every organization faces some level of budgetary licensing and compliance risk. We will walk through how we assist organizations of all sizes in identifying properly addressing the issues within their organization to ensure licensing risk reduction. Common Software Asset Management service and audit assistance scenarios will also be discussed.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • The methodology we use to assist our customers in establishing a compliance baseline
  • Common audit risks and how to ensure you are not impacted by them
  • How Software Asset Management can be a key driver of budgetary savings

Azure Roadmap

Azure has evolved substantially since it became commercially available in February, 2010. It consist a dozens of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) components. Customers can leverage Azure's massive scale and geographic reach for solutions in diverse areas, including virtual machine (VM) and Web site hosting, mobile application services, relational and non-relational storage, backup and disaster recovery to name a few.

Services are added and updated frequently, so current and potential customers may find new opportunities by conducting regular Azure evaluations and being made aware of these new capabilities. We will present an overview on the current state of Azure and the Azure Roadmap of features that have recently moved into General Availability status, Preview status or that have been announced as currently under development.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Organizations considering Azure can learn and evaluate where Azure solutions might fit into their own environments, while organizations already on Azure can use it as a guide to the future evolution of its services
  • Recent Azure additions and enhancements show trends in areas where organizations could find opportunities to build new solutions or improve existing ones
  • Updated the management technology and options for on-premises deployment of Azure infrastructure and solutions. The improvements could give customers better capabilities and deployment experiences

Lenovo Premium Notebook Products

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • The new technologies customers are looking for in their notebooks
  • Lenovo's Premium notebook transition Win 7 vs Win 10
  • New features of 2017 Lenovo Premium Notebooks