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VMware vCloud Air

As organizations continue to embrace cloud-based solutions, we’ve made it our mission to help you expand your investments and make the most out of your infrastructure by incorporating the cloud. With VMware’s vCloud Air, a secure hybrid cloud service, you can support existing workloads, third-party apps and new developments to provide a common platform that seamlessly extends your data center to the cloud.

Why En Pointe for VMware vCloud Air

We are a VMware Premier Partner and one of the few select partners certified to deliver vCloud Air, formerly known as VMware Hybrid Cloud Service, to enterprise customers. When you partner with En Pointe, you’re also eligible for exclusive rebates and subsidy funds that can help ease your move to the cloud. Whether you’re on a tight budget or new to the cloud, or whether you’re in multi-tenant or single-tenant environment, our highly knowledgeable team can assist you in the transition that will make it easier to manage workloads in your specific environment.

VMware vCloud Air Offerings

vCloud Air has three Infrastructure-as-a-Service options: Dedicated Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud and Disaster Recovery. All three offer expandable compute, storage and networking with a continuously growing collection of features. Our specialized engineers are trained to handle all aspects of the vCloud Air family to make your organization’s transition easier, leaving it easier for you to embrace the many benefits of the cloud or hybrid cloud, including portability and high availability.

Dedicated Cloud

vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud allows you to purchase licenses per core or per server, making it easier to manage your licenses, and it is configurable to grow with your changing needs.

Virtual Private Cloud

vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud is both a cost-effective and high-performance option that is ideal for organizations utilizing next-generation web and mobile applications, highly variable test and development workloads and non-critical applications.

Disaster Recovery

The Disaster Recovery option of vCloud Air protects your on-premises cloud infrastructure in one easy-to-use Recovery-as-a-Service solution.

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Next Steps

To learn more about utilizing VMware vCloud Air hybrid cloud solutions, including Dedicated Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud and Disaster Recovery, in your organization, reach out to our dedicated VMware specialists who can assist you in setting up a demo or free trial.


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