Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite


Maximum protection and minimum complexity from gateway to endpoint

Securing enterprise environments is challenging—especially as new malware emerges every 2 seconds. With a sharp increase in the cost and complexity of managing a variety of security solutions across diverse networks, you need fully integrated gateway-to-endpoint security that delivers maximum protection with minimum complexity.

Reduce Risk with Fully Integrated, Gateway-to-Endpoint Security Suite

Sophisticated malware exploits multiple points of entry—and the only effective response is a layered defense. Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite consolidates malware protection from gateway to endpoint in one centrally managed solution suite to stop threats before they can impact your business.

  • Reduces endpoint infection rates by 62%1 with a multilayered defense
  • Improves productivity with #1 rated antispam and web filtering2
  • Supports regulatory compliance with content filtering and anti-malware

Maximize Protection with Industry-leading Threat Intelligence

Complex threats are striking faster and with more force than ever before. Trend Micro offers the industry's best malware protection powered by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™—proven by independent testing3 to stop more threats in real-world computing environments.

  • Delivers immediate protection with in-the-cloud web, email and file reputation technology
  • Stops the latest threats before they can enter your network and damage your business

Minimize Complexity with Security Designed for the Enterprise Environment

Maintaining consistent security across distributed, diverse network environments is challenging. Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite scales to meet your organization's needs by offering virtualization support, multi-tiered management, and flexible configuration options.

  • Offers broad platform support for heterogeneous environments to minimize complexity
  • Tightly integrates with industry-leading offerings from Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM Lotus

Save Money with Cost-effective Security

Now more than ever, you need to cut costs and a large portion of your costs are related to IT staff time devoted to acquiring, deploying, and managing content security. Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite saves you money by saving you time with consolidated protection. Independent research shows that consolidating on Trend Micro Enterprise Security can lower security management cost by 40%.4

  • Saves on routine clean-up costs by dramatically lowering endpoint infection rate and automating malware and spyware cleanup
  • Reduces reliance on conventional antivirus signatures, relieving administrative burden
  • Maximizes efficiency with web-based centralized management and reporting