Data Center with En Pointe

The data center is one of the most dynamic and critical operations in any business. Current business trends and continuing pressure from today's unpredictable economy means that regardless of the size or shape of your data center, it is at the frontline and is continually under scrutiny. Calls for cost savings, improved operation and expanded capacity, while seemingly contradictory trends, are simultaneous demands made upon your data center.

En Pointe Technologies has a broad and wide base of customers and experience to assist businesses of all sizes. Our customers range from small startup companies just beginning to define their needs, to medium and large businesses who have established requirements onto the largest enterprise and/or global companies whose capital and manpower are considerable in the data center.

What size is your data center?  En Pointe has the expertise to solve your issues.

Common Data Center Needs

Even though data centers serve a variety of purposes, there are some common needs that they must fulfill in order to prove their efficiency and effectiveness within an organization.

Improved Reliability and Availability

Being highly reliable and constantly available are huge requirements for almost every data center.

Improved Efficiency and Performance

Data center facilities need to be designed with efficiency and performance in mind.  Power requirements along with cooling as well as connectivity are all necessary requirements.

Cost Reduction and Cost Elimination

Ongoing operating costs and management of information are vital factors to consider and cutting one could have a negative effect on the other.

Data Center continues a rapid evolution in response to many different business trends and pressures. Consolidation, virtualization, increased performance, cost containment, and even cloud computing are all outside influencers on your facility. In addition to these challenges, web traffic is growing and so is the need for additional storage, additional bandwidth and greater flexibility in deployment of applications. Match this all with an increased demand from management for information intelligence, integrity and data protection.

Let En Pointe be your trusted advisor during your data center discover/decision process no matter your size or requirements. No problem is too big or too small for En Pointe to manage.

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