En Pointe & Snow SAM Solution

En Pointe is an authorized reseller of Snow Software, the leading SAM solution used to manage more than 1.7 billion software records worldwide. To date, millions of Snow Software licenses have been sold. Organizations across every line of business are leveraging Snow solutions to manage compliance, secure IT assets and achieve cost savings. As a global leader in the delivery of on premise and cloud based Software Asset Management solutions, Snow helps organizations more effectively utilize their IT assets.

With an established software asset management practice, numerous certifications and a sizeable team of SAM advisors, En Pointe is a leading Snow partner. En Pointe has multiple assessments available to determine your organization's software needs, and is uniquely authorized to sell the entire Snow Software portfolio.

Why En Pointe for Snow SAM Solutions

En Pointe is a Gold Snow Software partner authorized to sell the complete range of their Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions. En Pointe has the ability to deliver SAM solutions which help customers minimize risk, manage costs and strategically manage assets. En Pointe has a pool of certified engineers ready to deploy Snow Software’s SAM solutions and help customers procure and implement the right solution for their environment.

Snow Software License Optimization

Reduce the cost of your next software audit by leveraging Snow. Snow's proven SAM technology can help your organization cut software licensing expenditures, increase security and improve service delivery to end users.

Multi-Platform SAM

Snow addresses the common challenge of monitoring and reporting on software deployed across multiple computing platforms, such as Windows, OSX, Linux and Unix. Snow’s multi-platform audit technology is designed to help administrators consolidate multiple audit feeds and manage assets deployed across various computing platforms.

Data Center SAM

Snow offers a data center SAM solution that can help your organization achieve significant cost savings and simplify management of data center-hosted software assets.

Snow’s Data Center SAM solution is designed to help IT admins manage multi-platform environments, virtualization and complex licensing models.

SAM in the Cloud

Now that the majority of organizations have adopted cloud-based applications in some aspect of their operations, evolved SAM programs that can adequately track app usage, monitor spend and ensure compliance, are a necessity. Snow Inventory and License Manager are designed to perform a comprehensive audit of both on premise and cloud-based applications.


Organizations are no longer able to manage virtualization platforms and virtual assets without adapting their SAM strategy to handle the complexity associated with a virtualized environment. Snow’s virtualization solution is uniquely designed to audit virtual platforms as it offers visibility into both virtual assets and physical hosts.

Snow Software also integrates key virtualization technologies including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX and Citrix XenServer, a key capability of the solution, as failure to monitor multiple hypervisor technologies can lead to compliance issues and added costs.

Oracle Optimization

Snow Oracle Management Option (Snow OMO) is custom designed to help manage Oracle licensing, which has historically posed a unique challenge to IT administrators. Snow’s OMO technology is equipped to dynamically populate the Oracle Server Worksheet and simplify Oracle license management, by providing visibility into usage, installs and activation.

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