Why En Pointe for Palo Alto Networks?

Why En Pointe for Palo Alto Networks

Business IT operations have changed a lot over the years, leading to a fundamental shift in the way businesses’ IT Infrastructures are connected and serve their users to support core business functions. Furthermore, users are using a wide range of devices to access their businesses' data centers. This has changed not only the threat landscape but has also rendered traditional firewalls incapable of protecting businesses’ IT infrastructures. Palo Alto Networks understands the change in users’ behavior and the change in IT practices that businesses are forced to make. Initiatives like cloud computing, data center expansion, virtualization and mobility are further stretching the limits of traditional firewalls.

As a Platinum Palo Alto Networks Partner, we leverage their enterprise technology framework as a cornerstone of our network security practice. Our Platinum standing with Palo Alto Networks signifies our position as an extension of the security provider, through specialized resources on our team who can support their security suite from a holistic approach. Our certified Palo Alto Networks engineers can support your infrastructure from discovery to implementation and beyond. With the ever-evolving digital security landscape, considerations like mobility, BYOD and increasingly prevalent cyber-attacks, have necessitated a new wave in security innovation.

Our support services for the Palo Alto Networks product suite include:

Next-Generation Firewall

Next-generation firewall solutions enable application layer protection, reducing risk by protecting enabled applications, ongoing management analysis on premise and in the cloud, maintaing a comprehensive approach to enable tighter security policies, integrating users and devices and not just IP addresses into policies, and managed deployment and scalability.

VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall

VM-Series empowers users to gain control of secure applications in a virtualized environment without compromising on the key virtualization security challenges. Users are tracked between virtual machines without losing sight of core security policies that are assigned.


This enables any user at any location to take control of the next-generation firewall and integrated threat prevention.

GlobalProtect from Palo Alto

Integrated URL Filtering

A fully integrated URL filtering database empowers users to take policy control of web browsing activities, which, in essence, allows a policy based application control and visibility.

Integrated URL Filtering

Integrated Threat Prevention

Fully integrated real-time threat prevention is designed to protect the enterprise network from a wide range of threats. The Integrated Threat Prevention allows for policy-based application control and visibility.

As a Palo Alto Networks Platinum Partner, we are one of a select few multi-vendor solution integrators capable of providing a complete security solution to fit the ever changing requirements of today’s security landscape. As a top credentialed partner with the leading manufacturers and publishers such as Microsoft with solutions encompassing Azure, Office 365, and volume licensing, to custom developing integrated solutions, we are at the forefront of the latest security innovation.

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