Unified Communications (VoIP)

IP Telephony or Voice over IP (VoIP) is one of the most cost-effective and efficient solutions on the market today.

VoIP is the transmission of voice communications via standards-based Internet Protocol (IP) - or more simply, data networks - rather than over standard phone lines.

As a long-overdue replacement for decades-old PBX technology, IP Telephony is being implemented by large and small businesses alike, not only to help control costs, but also to increase efficiency and functionality on the business side.

En Pointe's Complete Solution

As a Cisco Gold Certified Partner with an Advanced Specialization in Unified Communications, En Pointe has a strong relationship with the manufacturer of the most highly regarded IP Telephony product line available.

Our team of expert network engineers and voice specialists can provide your business with a complete IP Telephony solution, from assessment and design through deployment and ongoing support.

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