Network Design & Deployment

En Pointe network designs are custom-tailored to your current and future business forecasts and technology plans. We ensure that your network architecture meets your enterprise needs and that it will scale appropriately. We're also highly skilled in design against managed-cost considerations.


En Pointe's design process includes re-examination of your current environment, architect your new environment, assist in the selection of new technology, design of the physical connectivity and VLAN layout.

We then develop an implementation and testing strategy, formulate a project plan and responsibility matrix, integrate resource requirements, and make a final determination as to how the design addresses the recommendations of the initial assessment.


We will not only help you assess, plan and design your network solution. En Pointe can implement the design either with your staff by our side or we can deliver it as a complete turnkey solution.

We will confirm on-site delivery of equipment, review site readiness, unpack equipment, install and integrate hardware, install or upgrade device software, configure devices, perform software installation and configuration, and perform system operations, throughput and system resiliency tests.


En Pointe offers a suite of services to ensure that you get the full value of your new network solution. This includes complete and final documentation, service agreements, knowledge transfer to your IT staff, run book formulation, and managed services.

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