Network Assessment

Good network design begins with a thorough assessment of an organization's existing network structure and configuration. En Pointe's team of network engineers will take a comprehensive look at the following key elements:

Network Requirements

  • LAN requirements, including Layer 2 LAN connectivity, data segregation (VLAN), port density, Layer 3 inter-VLAN routing, bandwidth,
    manageability, scalability, quality of service, resiliency, and inline power.
  •  WAN requirements, including WAN topology & protocol, scalability, bandwidth, quality of service, redundancy, manageability, dynamic routing, and Internet peering.

Security Requirements

  •  Border security (firewall), host intrusion detection, intra-organization security, remote access VPNs, network intrusion detection.

Existing Network Technology

  •  Network hardware, current addressing scheme, applications, current performance review.

Once the assessment is complete, En Pointe will deliver a comprehensive report covering LAN recommendations, support options, WAN recommendations, growth or downsizing plans, and security recommendations.

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