LANDesk Cloud Solutions

Extend Systems, Security and Service Management to the Cloud

Would it surprise you to learn that LANDesk has been managing in the cloud for nearly a decade now, delivering genuine aspects of cloud management to organizations worldwide long before the cloud was cool?

LANDesk continues to press forward in the development of an Adaptive Cloud Environment (ACE) architecture that encompasses three primary layers:1) LANDesk Dynamic Services; 2) LANDesk Management Services; and 3) LANDesk Intelligent Endpoint—which we'll discuss briefly here.

LANDesk Dynamic Infrastructure

LANDesk provides a layer of dynamic infrastructure that includes predictions and analytics, the flexibility of cloud-to-cloud management and Managed Service Provider (MSP) management.

  • Predictions and Analytics enables our customers and partners to obtain usage, lifecycle analyses, reporting and analytics about their users, machines and devices.
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Management provides customers or managed service providers the flexibility to replicate and migrate a LANDesk management server from an on-premise instance (private cloud) to the Internet (public cloud).
  • MSP Management enables a LANDesk MSP partner to extend systems lifecycle, endpoint security and service desk offerings to customers via the cloud.

LANDesk Management Services

Our ACE architecture spans the proven systems management, endpoint security and IT service desk/service management solutions that LANDesk has offered for years, only now we can deliver such capabilities as inventory, asset and patch management; endpoint intrusion prevention; and incident, change and knowledge management in three different ways:

  • Premises Delivery, which is primarily customer managed
  • Hosted Delivery, which is typically customer managed or partner managed
  • Managed as a Service, which is partner managed

LANDesk Intelligent Endpoint

The Intelligent Endpoint layer differentiates LANDesk from other vendors and is an essential component in the grander scheme of the adaptive cloud environment.

  • Policy Services enabled by intelligent LANDesk agents perform lifecycle, security and IT service policy management and enforcement services at the endpoint.
  • Workload Management Services encompass the lightweight infrastructure capabilities LANDesk has delivered for a dozen years such as targeted multicast, bandwidth throttling, peer to peer download, and checkpoint restart, and is very applicable in this larger cloud vision.
  • User Context Services allow intelligence in terms of location, device and user intent to establish a better endpoint management presence.

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