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In-person attention

When we say that a more personal approach to IT depends on real, live people we don't just mean "live chat" messaging, or an e-mail, or a voice on the end of the phone at the ends of the earth. We mean there are actual humans with their feet on your street, ready to meet you–and serve you–face-to-face, on-site.
Because we think a business relationship that starts in person has a head start. Any responsible IT partner needs to know your business first. Not just what you do, but where you do it. Not just the community, but even the building. The better they know your business, the better the solution they'll plan with you.
Of course, it's when things don't go according to plan that you're most enthusiastic about having a local IT partner. Perhaps your website gets more hits than you anticipated, or a new account requires you to double in size over the weekend. A local IT partner can be there in person, right where you need them, whether your website is flooded with inquiries or your basement server room is flooded with water.
Your local partner is also usually more familiar with community issues, business networks, and the local business climate. Such a partner wants to see you succeed because, in almost every way you look at it, he or she is personally invested in your business.

360° service & support

Every business has its ups and downs, but it's good to keep the roller coaster ride from getting too exciting. How? In online chat rooms? On a phone-prompted tech help line? How about by enlisting the help of an IT partner?
The right IT partner can deliver a wide range of services at every step of the process for practically every solution. They'll start by helping you see around corners. By looking ahead, a partner can help you anticipate needs you hadn't considered, preventing you from getting locked into solutions that fit you today, but may force a rip-and-replace tomorrow. But your partner will also help keep you from looking too far ahead. There's no point in buying a non-scalable server meant for a much larger business "just to leave you room to grow." Your IT partner knows that the next quarter is usually more important to you than the next quarter century.
Your IT partner, together with HP, can offer recommended Care Pack Services or specialized service solutions tailored to your business needs. They can cover the total lifecycle of your computers: choosing, configuring, using, protecting, tuning–even recycling–all under the HP Total Care umbrella. HP Total Care services deliver confidence because they're so comprehensive, including free 24/7/365 hardware technical support for most warranted products. Combine those options with your local partner's in-house support offerings and you'll be confident you've got your bases covered.
Service and support are perhaps the greatest values an IT partner can bring to your business. No doubt your in-house IT team has plenty on its plate, so look to a partner to help out with services ranging from asset requisition to retirement, including product warehousing, asset tagging, imaging and flexible deployment schedules. Your partner can become part of your business's IT group and work the way you work, and be just as determined to help your business grow without growing pains.

Valuable connections

An IT partner is less of a middle man and more of a bridge, able to connect you to special price, product and service opportunities, as available. Their expertise comes with an ability to source scarce items and specialty products and offer extra help getting you those products quickly.
Your partner works with many different vendors to ensure that you always get the best combination of technology for your needs, whether those needs are immediate or long-term. By working with you to develop a strategic plan, and by leveraging the capabilities of HP, your partner will smooth the way toward proper integration and installation of all your information technology equipment.

Respect for your budget

If you run any business, especially one that's your own, you know that product price is just one factor in the overall cost of owning and using that product. While your partner will work with you to keep down the upfront costs, they also know that longer-term costs associated with everyday use are often a more important consideration for your business.
After all, a computer that isn't working can cost your business more than it cost to buy. A computer that can't expand with your business can be more expensive to replace than it would have cost to get an upgradeable computer in the first place. And more significant installations have more significant consequences. An IT partner can help you choose technology you'll be happy with for the years you'll use it, not just the moment you buy it.
Savings can also be found in how that hardware is implemented and managed, and your IT partner will have all sorts of budget-friendly ideas to make sure you're not just up and running, but running economically.

The goods

Your local IT partner is one simple and single contact that offers you more than any one technology manufacturer could. And along with all the technology a qualified partner can offer, they'll have an additional level of expertise working with the HP product portfolio. That means you're assured to get the right product with the quality, reliability and innovation that can help you maximize your technology while minimizing your costs.
As a company that started out in a garage, HP has never stopped championing the ideals of entrepreneurial business. So it should come as no surprise that a big reason we spend $3.5 billion annually on research and development is that it helps your business work smarter.
And while you may not be impressed by every single one of our 25,000 patents, we do hope you appreciate the thousands of those innovations proven to help you work more effectively.
Need some examples? Consider HP notebooks with industry-leading battery life–up to 16 hours combined battery life on certain notebooks-that help your people get more done in more places. Or the added productivity of the most mobile HP products - the iPAQ handheld PCs and Tablet PCs that adapt to the way you work. Or the multilevel data protection provided by SMART III technology available on our desktop computers.
The HP product range isn't only wide; it's deep, offering a variety of products for many situations. You have a greater choice of products, allowing you to match both your budget and performance needs.
To learn more about what HP business computers can do for your business.
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