Managed Print Services - Features and Benefits

Managed Print Services - Features & Benefits

En Pointe helps manage your printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners to form a cost-effective, highly efficient print environment. From helping you identify the optimal strategy, through full implementation and testing, to support and equipment end-of-life, En Pointe delivers end-to-end services for your full fleet of print devices, in partnership with HP.

How It Works

HP Managed Print Services (HP MPS) is the active management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes. When purchased through En Pointe, your dedicated account manager will help guide your organization’s utilization of MPS resources, to maximize program benefits.

MPS Strategic Approach:

MPS Strategic Approach

En Pointe’s MPS services take an analytics-based approach to print strategy and optimization, to ensure program benefits add up for your organization. Through the aforementioned strategic approach, organizations save, on average, 30% on their total printing costs.

End to End Services

Through En Pointe’s HP MPS program, you will have access to end to end services to optimize your print infrastructure. These services include:


We follow a proven assessment model that includes analysis of all your devices and printing metrics, as well as definition of your future goals. The result of this assessment is recommendation of the best devices and locations to optimize your environment, improve workflows and identify a comprehensive print strategy.


Once we have identified the right equipment to meet your organization’s needs, our procurement vehicles and customer support professionals simplify and streamline acquisition of the required assets - from financing to ordering to tracking.

Transition and Implementation

Once a print strategy is developed for your organization, we oversee implementation to promote employee awareness and utilization.


We perform a quarterly review to track performance of MPS strategy.


A single phone call is all you need to do to access ongoing support for all your print devices.

Workflow Consulting

Most document costs can be attributed to user time and document workflows, both inside and outside your organization.
By implementing revised processes within your organization, we’ll uncover ways to reduce costs, increase productivity and address security and regulatory requirements.

Your Next Steps

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