About En Pointe Technologies

Celebrating over 20 years in business, En Pointe specializes in Microsoft-centric IT environments, offering hardware, software licensing and services. As one of the largest Systems Integrators and Licensing Solutions Providers, En Pointe assists customers in architecting, acquiring, and implementing integrated IT solutions anchored to the Microsoft ecosystem.

Some key points about En Pointe Technologies:

  • Founded in 1993
  • Authorized for all the top brands of computer hardware and software

Why En Pointe as a Top Choice for IT Solutions

When you look for a value added reseller, or solution provider – expertise is a minimum requirement. For more than 20 years, En Pointe’s teams of professionals also bring flexibility and simplicity to the process of architecting, acquiring, and implementing technology.


You can trust the team you work with at En Pointe with any task from the most pressing challenges (such as a data center re-design) to the day-to-day ordering of hardware equipment. En Pointe has been around since 1993 – our management team, our sales team, and services group are all experienced veterans. We leverage our industry background to help guide customers with the architecture, acquisition, and deployment of technology.


You can rely on the team you work with at En Pointe – from the certified, industry veteran engineers that help architect data centers; to the licensing experts that help you understand which software publisher’s program is a good fit for your organization. You can see our team quoted regularly in trade and constantly working with industry analysts. See our news page for examples.

Technology Partners

Based on our history and relationships with top manufacturers and publishers, we understand the ins and outs of technology. Whether it is on a regional scale or national scale, we have strong relationships, understanding, and experience with the major brands that you are accustomed to utilizing in your IT environment. By working with En Pointe, you reduce the number of touch points, vendors, PO's, and invoices your organization has to deal with. As proof, we maintain the highest certification levels and status with major brands.


We do business your way. Customers come to us with unique requirements that simplify business processes for them. Our goal is to ensure that doing business is simple and meets the business and regulatory needs of our customers.

While we may be a diversity supplier, our capabilities are robust and scalable. We serve some of the largest organizations with efficient processes, including automated electronic transaction processing.

Learn more about En Pointe’s services by calling us at (310) 337-6151 or Request Information.