Nuance Dragon speech recognition

Dragon® NaturallySpeaking® delivers the ideal solution for busy professionals seeking faster and smarter communications production. Speech recognition tools are a mainstay of leading corporate, government, education and medical organizations throughout the world. The technology streamlines data collection and document creation, automates complex or repetitive PC tasks, and empowers disabled workers.

Its boundaries and yours are only limited by your imagination. Contact En Pointe today to learn more about how this speech recognition tool is increasingly vital for your business.

About En Pointe & Nuance

The En Pointe philosophy is cornerstoned on cost efficiency, procurement simplification, and streamlining business processes. We work closely with you to fully understand your business climate, current needs, and future goals. When you utilize En Pointe as your Nuance Software Solutions partner, you receive comprehensive IT services and expertise.

As a national provider of hardware, software and services, En Pointe partners from project inception to post-sales implementation and management. Our highly qualified consultants work directly with you. In short, En Pointe partners with every company throughout the entire project lifecycle to ensure complete quality and ongoing customer satisfaction.

Manage your professional world by voice

Speech recognition solutions that work the way you work

Dragon® NaturallySpeaking® speech recognition tools empower business professionals to work faster and smarter across markets and industries including:


Dragon can help people with impairments -- ranging from repetitive stress injury to paralysis -- that make typing painful or impossible. Learn more


Dragon helps students of all abilities reach their full potential by helping them to quickly and easily transfer ideas from their minds onto paper.Learn more

Social Services

Dragon helps case workers reduce the time it takes to create documents, email and field reports without sacrificing detail and accuracy. Learn more


Dragon helps cut claims documentation time and increase productivity. Speed claims input and streamline report creation in the field. Learn more

Financial Services

Investment and financial planning firms deploy speech solutions broadly to minimize compliance risk, speed the documentation process and boost individual advisor productivity without changing current business processes, existing CRM systems, or deployed information systems.Learn more

Nuance Dragon speech recognition for legal


Law firms and legal departments use Dragon to speed document turnaround, reduce transcription costs, and streamline repetitive work flows.Learn more

Public Safety

Dragon provides officers with a faster, easier way to complete administrative work so they can spend less time completing paperwork and more time serving the community. Learn more

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