Dell PartnerDirect Certified Partner

Our long-standing relationship with Dell has earned us the title of Dell PartnerDirect Certified Partner, which tells you that we are explicitly qualified to deliver you the latest Dell solutions. We strive to help you lower your cost of operation and guide your decision to the right technology for your environment. Starting with an assessment and deployment plan, our dedicated team of Dell specialists works with you to expand your business through the latest hardware offerings.

At En Pointe, we simplify the hardware procurement process with our automated supply chain system AccessPointe, which allows you to choose exactly which devices you want from a personalized inventory. Request hardware with the click of a button, and we’ll ship your new Dell products from one of our 20-plus warehouses around the country.

Why En Pointe for Dell

We help you make the most of your technology with a personalized deployment plan designed to meet your organization’s needs, whether you’re looking to improve your productivity, communication or ease of use. With your new Dell hardware or software comes professional and service support and a strategy to help you achieve your organization’s goals. As your Dell partner, we provide you with centralized reports, easy and flexible integration into our eProcurement platform, staged and managed rollout plans, and a complete range of support services.

Dell Solutions

To help you decide which Dell products to integrate into your organization, we exclusively offer the Dell CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) Demo Kit so that you can test the latest Dell tablets and laptops before you buy. We offer the full range of Dell solutions, with expertise in desktops and workstations, laptops and tablets, networking, security, servers, software, storage, system management and virtualization.

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