What is Cisco SMARTnet Service

Cisco SMARTnet Service is a highly acclaimed Cisco technical support service. Access to Cisco SMARTnet Service assures that your enterprise’s network infrastructure, based on Cisco technology, always remain active and secure by quickly identifying and resolving any problems and prevent downtime.

Cisco SMARTnet At-a-Glance

Cisco SMARTnet Service key Feature

Cisco SMARTnet Service provides you around-the-clock assistance of Cisco certified technicians through Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and also lets you have access to the extensive Cisco’s resources and tools available online. With Smart Call Home (feature) you also get proactive diagnostics and real-time alerts for your selected devices. With this capability an enterprise is able to determine which hardware or software within their network’s infrastructure is outdated and thus can get that updated through Cisco SMARTnet as well.

Cisco SMARTnet Importance

By overall refining your network performance, Cisco SMARTnet brings immediate increase in your ROI, which can be justified with the following improvements it brings,

Network Protection
  • Increase performance of current network features
  • Add functionality without additional investment
  • Enhance network stability & application availability
  • Extend the life of network through OS updates
Risk Mitigation and Cost Control
  • Proactively maintain network internally
  • Online Troubleshooting, personalized notices, web based tools and documents
  • Remote capabilities and access to Cisco experts 24x7
  • Improve Staff competencies through online technical libraries, trainings, colleague communication, technical blogs, etc.
Network Maintenance
  • Network Refresh capabilities
  • Updating outdated technologies
  • Managing contracts and appropriate service levels for the best protection

Why En Pointe for Cisco SMARTnet

En Pointe is a Gold Certified Cisco reseller for SMARTnet Service and possesses Cisco Service Expert Program (CSEP) certified team of technicians, to provide you the most effective and efficient support. What sets En Pointe apart from other service providers is its Contract Management service for Cisco SMARTnet. This service is available to our SMARTnet customers with no additional charges. Our dedicated team having a combined experience of 50 years in Contract Management offers multiple options in contract administration. Some of which are;

  • Enterprise SMARTnet Contract Management
  • Departmental SMARTnet Contract Management
  • Individual SMARTnet Management
  • Contract Co-Termination management
  • Contract True ups/Consolidations
  • Consolidated Coverage Reporting
  • Complete customization of reporting
  • Service renewal notifications
  • CCO ID registration/Access Management
  • TAC Support Assistance and Case Management
  • Product, Service Level and Location change management
  • Proactive EOS notification with solution update advisement
  • Same contacts within the team all the time – every time
  • Cisco Case Support
  • SMARTnet Total Care Package Specialists
  • Cisco Capital SMARTnet Specialists

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