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Clean your office.

Throw it out, save it, or… recycle

The other day I finally got around to cleaning out my home office. It was looking pretty bad. I started to go through the papers on my desk, books on the shelves, and bits and pieces of stuff in the drawers. In each section I had to go through the process of determining if the item was worth keeping, and if I did need to hold on to it, where would it be filed or stored.  In the process I found a drawer full of old spent HP Ink cartridges. This is easy I thought, no sorting required, just throw them in the trash! But why didn’t I just throw them away in the first place?

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I recently read a Gartner report, ID Number: G00208758, that discussed the cost benefits of utilizing a single vendor for data center networking equipment. Even if the second manufacturer’s products were less expensive, the conventional wisdom says that the extra training and administration costs associated with bringing in another brand would raise the cost to the bottom line.

However, Gartner found this to be a MYTH!

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There’s a lot of talk today about energy efficiency in the newer products, everything from TV’s to washing machines are advertising their energy efficiency. And, of course it is a huge concern in the IT world too.

Quick, can you name the largest source waste in the office? No, it’s not surfing the Internet, and it’s not even power consumption.  It’s paper cost.

Question: How much water does it take to produce 1 single sheet of paper?

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Cash for clunkers? Even better. How could you turn this deal down? You have several old cars, the oldest broke down a few months back but it’ll actually cost you time and money to haul it off and recycle it properly. So you still have it in your driveway. Even your daily driver is less than perfect. It’s only a few years old and it gets you where you’re going; but it guzzles gas, has no ABS, it’s only a 2 door and you need more room, and the service costs and insurance rates are high.