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With the gaining popularity of virtualization in today’s enterprise data centers, you need a virtual security solution that allows you to confidently adopt virtualization throughout your data center without compromising on your existing security postures.

As a Data Center Manager here are two questions you should ask yourself:

1. Is Management of a Virtualized environment a major concern?

2. Does your business need a technology that helps you secure your virtual environments?

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Best Ingredients + Best Recipe + Best Chef = Best Meal

Chefs combine the best ingredients into succulent dishes. But does having the best ingredients guarantee the final product will win the taste test? Absolutely not. Getting access to the right recipe – directions for combining those great raw ingredients – helps for sure, but still, it take the expertise of the chef to make it all work to perfection. While having the best recipe and raw material is hugely important, it takes skill and knowledge to combine them into a culinary masterpiece.

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It's a good idea to "think energy efficiency" when selecting computers and other office equipment

  • Energy-efficient computers and equipment provide payoffs today and in the future by conserving energy and thus lowering your energy costs helping to improve your bottom line.
  • Recycling helps protect landfills from contamination by toxic materials so often found in used PCs, monitors, and other office equipment, collectively known as electronic hazardous waste, or e-waste.
  • Going green is a way to save money and energy.
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It can make sense to upgrade now to new HP PCs with Windows® 7 Professional Here's some food for thought as to why you'll want to consider upgrading now — with HP

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Best Pieces + Best Integration = Best Solution

Have you ever seen a sports all-star team that was stacked with talent, yet couldn’t beat the team with no marquee stars? You might think that they’d win every game, and on paper they would. And while there’s no denying the value of the best players, there’s more to it than just having the best parts. You’ve got to make them work together – that’s what the best coaches can do. They rely on their expertise and knowledge to integrate the parts into a champion.

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What the heck is Planet Partners?

Nope it’s not a new Saturday morning show for the kids. It’s a program developed 20 years ago by HP. Yep, 20 years ago, HP decided recycling used printing supplies might be good idea, and this “green” program was ahead of its time in 1991.

The HP Planet Partners program

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Let’s face it: IT equipment is not environmentally friendly. It consists of materials, both organic and man-made that are sometimes even classified as hazardous. They are devices that deplete resources and consume power, produce a carbon footprint, and are difficult to recycle or dispose of.

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