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Cisco has made several key acquisitions in the last few years as it looks to adapt to a business landscape increasingly characterized by BYOD-enabled mobile devices, wireless networking and cloud computing, plus the security concerns that accompany all three of those trends.

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Guest Wi-Fi has become a vital amenity for hotel chains, doctor's offices and many large enterprises. These organizations are in part addressing the growing expectation among end users that connectivity will always be available to them, whether through Wi-Fi, cellular or some other means.

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Wireless networks are typically created using different components from different manufacturers.  These manufacturers use different measurement values to rate their products. For example, wireless access points are typically rated in milliwatts and the antennas that connect to them are rated in decibels.  This is not a big deal except when  you consider that the maximum transmit power in North America is 1000mW or 30dBm and the maximum EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power), or power transmitted from the end of the antenna, is 36dBm or 4 watts.

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Cisco SMARTnet Services have always been an add-on for Cisco products. It is product service support after hardware is purchased. It used to be considered the fries with the burger, the dessert to the dinner, but it has become much more than that. SMARTnet Services provide product IOS updates, TAC Support, Bug Fixes, product replacement within specific time frames, access to technical blogs, product updates and Cisco communities.

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In July 2012 VMware purchased Nicira Inc. to add L3 – L7 virtualized core networking to its bag of tricks. This move thrust VMware forward into the software defined networking space (SDN), and changed forever their relationship with Cisco Systems.

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SMARTnet Total Care is a collector box and software package that can be installed on any Cisco network to enable end users to maintain all SMARTnet devices in a given network. SMARTnet Total Care empowers a scaled back IT department to keep pace with the demands of a growing business. SMARTnet Total Care is a proactive approach to ensure overall health and real time maintenance of a network and bring visibility from a manual inventory of equipment processes to a real-time approach. The ROI for this system is nearly instant given the savings on internal labor costs.

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Importance of Site Survey for Wireless Networks

Wikipedia describes a site survey as “an inspection of an area where work is proposed, to gather information for a design or an estimate to complete the initial tasks required for an outdoor activity. It can determine a precise location, access, best orientation for the site and the location of obstacles. The type of site survey and the best practices required depend on the nature of the project.”

To survey or not to survey, that is the question.

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With the rise of platform virtualization, every platform save, maybe, Mainframe and SPARC, is being virtualized. Network switching platforms are no exception. With the rise of class 1 hypervisors like VMware, Xen and HyperV, we are seeing layer 2 switching being implemented in software more and more frequently. These software switching platforms are a true extension of hardware. So this begs the question, who should manage virtual switches, network or virtualization admins?

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This blog’s topic is on Cisco Unified Communications with Cisco’s new Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS)!  As you may or may not know Cisco is now in the server market by manufacturing their very own servers!  They are directly competing with HP and IBM in this market on both the Rack-Mount Server and Blade Center Server market! 

My name is Chris Stephens and I’m a Sr. Systems Engineer with En Pointe Technologies.  My background and primary focus is on Cisco Unified Communications and Data Center Network Infrastructure.

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I decided to blog on this topic after receiving my latest electric bill.  My nighttime routine has expanded to not just turning off the lights and locking the doors, but I’m unplugging all electrical devices in my house.  I’ve replaced light bulbs, bought energy efficient appliances and replaced all our windows.   My electric usage has in-fact gone down, when compared to same months a year ago, but my bills continually rise.