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Crowdsourcing is a popular mechanism to solicit ideas from multiple people. And it can be beneficial. How does crowdsourcing fit into managing your IT infrastructure?

Let’s take a look.

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Critical purchase decisions are made even more difficult when a multitude of options abound. In such instances, strictly having access to your own purchase history is not enough to inform a mission critical purchase decision. One should know what colleagues in their company are buying to avoid buying the same product twice. This also helps identify the products a company frequently purchases.

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Selecting the right hardware and software for your organization can be daunting, especially given the number of options available to you with each purchase decision. AccessPointe simplifies the purchasing process for decision makers with its Intelligent Purchasing System. Consult product reviews before pulling the trigger. Never miss a promotion again with automatic price reduction alerts. Additionally - get instant savings, warehouse locations and price audit with AccessPointe’s intelligent purchasing tools.

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AccessPointe Newsletter - June 2012

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It is En Pointe Technologies' continuous effort to improve services. In this document we have provided the summary of the latest enhancements to our AccessPointe e-procurement tool, August 2011 release. You can also download the full release notes.

Key Benefits and Features

In this release we have made improvements to the Product Detail Page and Standards and Bundles user interface. In this release we provide both visual and functional improvements. Please find below a summary of these enhancements.

Enhancements in Product Detail Page

Product detail page is foremost important page as it describes all product related information. Following are enhancements we offer in this release.

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As part of En Pointe Technologies' ongoing efforts to improve our service offerings we are providing this summary of the latest enhancements to our AccessPointe e-procurement tool coming at the end of August 2010.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Search results has a new, simplified look
  • Search refine is more powerful, and easier to use
  • Menu / Navigation is easier to read
  • Shopping cart icon relocated and cart content peek is provided