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Symantec solutions such as the Backup Exec family provide critical storage and recovery services for both physical and virtual IT environments. Protecting important data and other systems from disasters with these tools has become more important than ever, in light of the numerous risks - from cyberattacks to electrical outages - that enterprises everywhere must now deal with.

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Much like HP’s recent announcement to split into two corporations, Symantec is following closely behind, announcing plans to separate their security and information management divisions into two publicly traded companies by December, 2015.

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Symantec’s latest licensing program Symantec Enterprise Solution (SES) has offered a convenient solution for companies with 250+ end users. Companies now have the opportunity to bundle security services that will make life as an IT director or IT manager more tranquil. SES primarily focuses on endpoint security and protection through products such as Endpoint protection, system recovery, mail security, web gateway, drive encryption, and more.

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When I was in the military, for major operations, a unit would always develop a plan, then conduct rehearsals. The unit would practice those tasks, they would perform on the objective, and if time permitted, even practice what to do if things went wrong.

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Technology is a blessing, but the question is “who receives the maximum benefit of it”? Nowadays, the most important task for any organization is to prevent data leakage in order to have a secure flow of information.

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En Pointe Co-Sponsors Symantec Vision Conference

En Pointe was recently a proud sponsor of the Symantec Vision conference, held for customers and partners in Las Vegas.

Between keynote speakers, general sessions, and evening events, Symantec put together one of the best Vision events to date. Throughout the event individuals had the opportunity to meet Symantec executives, learn from peers, and educate themselves on nearly anything and everything Symantec. Maybe it was the fact that the conference was held in Vegas, or maybe it was the magic show and renowned One Republic band that put on a great performance – whatever the case, Symantec did a great job at keeping the atmosphere fun and light yet extremely informative.

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The Individual is Gone, but the Mail Keeps Coming

All organizations experience turnover. What do you do about the user’s mailbox and email?  It would be great if you could combine releasing the space on your e-mail server AND retaining access to the contents of the mailbox. You can. With a few adjustments, you can release the mailbox in a few days while retaining the contents of the mailbox.

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As you may have read in the news, Steve Bennett has been replaced by Michael Brown as interim CEO at Symantec. What does this mean to customers and partners?

Michael Brown as interim CEO at Symantec

Michael Brown, interim CEO at Symantec 

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Why move towards backup appliances? That is one of the most popular questions that has circulated the backup industry in recent years. For over 15 years, I have supported, tested, and worked with development on various Symantec Backup products. When Backup Appliances were introduced just a few years ago, it was hard for me to understand why appliances make more sense than Software Installation products. Why would you buy an appliance when you can buy a server, install the OS, and install Symantec Backup Product? Isn’t that approach cheaper?

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Laptop users and organizations with mailbox storage limitations frequently archive using PST files to store email messages. However, there are several limitations and challenges associated with PST files. Virtual Vault is a means to access the benefits of a PST file without the limitations.