Lenovo Yoga 13 VS. Twist - Battle of the Convertibles

Yoga 13 vs. the Twist

Windows 8 has hardware manufacturers reinventing their products and changing the norm. The new normal is now a future filled of multi-touch products. Amongst the variety of multi-touch products coming out, Lenovo has created two very cool windows 8 convertible ultrabook / tablets, the Yoga 13 and the Twist. Due to its numerous commercials the Yoga 13 is the manufacturer’s obvious favorite. The commercials are not only during football games, but also on ad spaces in popular social media forums such as Facebook and on internet radio like Pandora. The big question, is which one is actually better?

Difference between The Yoga 13 and The Twist

Both of these ultrabooks are capable of the windows 8 multi-touch feature and can have a processor up to a 3rd generation Intel Core i7, but what are their differences? Let’s check these out.

  ThinkPad Twist IdeaPad Yoga
Target Audience SMB Consumer
Storage Up to 500GB HDD, 128 GD SSD Up to 256GB SSD
Screen Size 12.5" 13.3"
Battery Life up to 7hrs Up to 8hrs
TPM Yes No
Dock USB 3.0 USB 3.0
Digitizer / Pen Yes, Optional No
Testing Torture Tests N/A

A glaring differentiator is that the Thinkpad Twist passes the Lenovo torture tests which include the water spill test, the tilt drop test, the LCD stress test, the hinge test, and the dust. All of these tests are to ensure that the Twist withstands the daily abuse that heavy users put on their machines. For someone who will use their convertible every day and constantly have it on the road, this is an important feature.

One of the other differences not stated in the chart is the way each unit folds.

The Twist rotates the monitor on one point to fold on top of the keyboard, protecting it.

The Yoga 13 folds backwards, leaving your keyboard exposed to everything you set it down on.

Another difference not in the chart is price; the Twists starting list price is at $849, while the Yoga 13 starts at $999. This is definitely something to think about when considering which model is best for you.

Lenovo Twist Tablet / Ultrabook Lenovo Yoga 13 tablet / Ultrabook

The verdict

Each product is very cool but I think it’s clear that the Twist was made to with stand a little more abuse with Torture Testing and clever keyboard protecting design. In my humble opinion, if you are a business professional who would be traveling a lot then the Twist is better for you than the Yoga 13. But if you are a business professional who works from office with very little traveling then Yoga 13’s extra power and larger display will appeal more to you.

Aside from hype and advertising, in the end, there will be two more test results to look at – the test of time and the preferences of ever shifting public opinion and purchasing. Those will ultimately determine the future of these new offerings. Watch, wait and study everything before finally committing to either of these products for your future.

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