HP Partner Managed Print Services - Five things you must know

Did you know that HP offers a program called HP Partner Managed Print Services (HP P-MPS)? Well, did you know that there are five key ways that you can optimize your print environment by utilizing this excellent tool.

Analyzing the current printing behavior

The first key element is that En Pointe can easily monitor all your printing devices from a remote location. I know this sounds like something futuristic, but it’s now a reality thanks to HP and En Pointe. Your data is now analyzed and the resulting recommendations allow us to help you get the most out of your printing services.

Reduced maintenance cost

Secondly, there is a great time and money saving component: Your printers and copiers now require less maintenance. HP Managed Print Services Consultants are able to review your printer use and recommend when you need to switch or rotate devices to make sure you are extending your printing investments. Everyone loves saving money!

Consolidation of single function devices

Third, you can now fully optimize your fleet. How you may ask? By consolidating single function devices into multifunction printers. This may seem like a no brainer, but often customers do not realize that they have way too many of these single function devices. En Pointe will help you consolidate them. And we help with services costs, too!

Mapping devices to print services

Fourth, you can experience the many benefits of far-reaching optimization assessment. Managed print services matches up your usage to your devices. It can even help you map your future uses based on past trends. It’s like predicting your printing future.

Reduce paper usage with HP EcoSMART

Finally, HP EcoSMART Fleet can complete your decisive optimization. You reduce paper usage while saving energy. You are well on your way to going green and helping the environment.

With all of these great outcomes why wait? Switch to HP Partner Managed Print Services today. Imagine – you continue to do what you’ve always done, but your printing needs and worries vanish, courtesy of the experts at HP and En Pointe. Sign up for HP Partner Managed Print Services right now.

For more information or if you would like to sign-up for HP Managed Print Services, please visit our HP page and fill out the Request Information form.

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