HP Convergence in the Modern Data Center: HP Networking and Intelligent Management

HP Data Center Messaging for the past two years has been the idea of the Converged Infrastructure.  HP in the Data Center brings all resources together [servers, storage, networking, power and cooling, management] to provide customers with a powerful, efficient and manageable environment that meets business objectives and adds value from a TCO perspective.  Many organizations focus of Server, Storage and Power and Cooling and often forget to consider Networking and Management of Networking when considering a Data Center upgrade or refresh.  This blog is about the management side of the HP Networking portfolio via HP IMC Enterprise Software Platform (Intelligent Management Center).

HP IMC Enterprise Software Platform

HP Intelligent Management Center(IMC) Enterprise Edition is a stand- alone, comprehensive management platform for delivering next generation, integrated, modular network management capabilities that efficiently meet the needs of advanced, heterogeneous enterprise networks.

IMC Enterprise Edition is designed on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) using a business application flow model as the core and featuring an on-demand, modularized structure. The combination allows the efficient implementation of end-to-end business management, while IMC software’s modular design allows for the effective integration of traditionally separate management tools. Together, they provide complete management of resources, services, and users. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows Server and supports the management of HP and third-party devices, supporting 200 managed devices. Additional node licenses can be purchased. Licensing is based on the number of devices requiring management.

Some of the features that I like about this product are as follows:

  1. Highly flexible, scalable deployment models
  2. Powerful administration control
  3. Rich resource management
  4. Detailed performance monitoring and management
  5. Flexible centralized reporting

Here are some views of IMC in action:

A rich set of management features are included with IMC Enterprise and additional features can be added as well.  These include:

  1. Network Traffic Analyzer  
  2. User Access Manager
  3. Endpoint Admission Defense  (EAD)
  4. Wireless Service Manager  (WSM)
  5. Quality of Service Manager (QoSM)
  6. Voice Services Manager (VSM)
  7. Behavior Module (UBA)
  8. MPLS VPN Manager (MVM)

One of the best features about IMC is that is works well in most heterogeneous networking environments. This provides intelligent management from a “Single Pane of Glass.” With support for 3rd party devices, HP IMC enables the network admin to centrally manage all network elements with a variety of automated tasks: discovery, categorization, baseline configurations and software images, and others. In addition, IMC provides admins with configuration compare tools, version tracking, change alerts, and more.

Many organizations today are moving towards a “virtualized” environment and this includes networking. One of the great features of IMC is that it is one of the first management tools to allow for administration of both virtual and physical networks. Provide insight and management to virtual networks and reduce migration complexity by aligning and automating network policies with virtual images.

Lastly, Reporting of the networking environment is critical in making intelligent operational decisions that can positively affect business outcomes.  IMC’s Centralized report management simplifies an organization’s report administration; IMC software’s flexible historical reports provide information necessary for network trend analysis and capacity planning and offer predefined reports or customization options to define parameters; reports can be viewed in a number of formats, including .pdf and .xls, and can be sent automatically via email, or scheduled to run on a set schedule.

HP offers a trial license for HP IMC Enterprise Software Platform that can be used to test in your networking space. For information on where to find this, please contact us.

Christopher M.
Sr. Solutions Architect, HP
En Pointe Technologies

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