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Today, companies of all sizes are taking the plunge into the Office 365 arena. Customers frequently want to know if it’s possible for two tenants owned by two different companies to share free busy information with each other like they are used to doing with on premises Exchange.

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I can only assume that you’re already on the path to virtualization. Traditional IT’s rigid approach is the death knell for an agile business, which is a requirement for today’s businesses. Let’s not let our years of experience and training cloud our view of the future of IT.

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Here are a few tips to keep in mind when troubleshooting your wireless printer.

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Symantec Enterprise Vault, which can be easily integrated with Microsoft Outlook, offers one potential solution to the common problems of email.

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State and local government agencies face a constant barrage of compliance audits to measure how well they are adhering to numerous regulatory and industry compliance standards. Each compliance standard brings its own seemingly exhaustive list of requirements. Do you follow all of them? Do certain processes or activities overlap? How do you prioritize which regulations and requirements to address first? What do the compliance standards have in common, and how do they differ?

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This year the password will likely become a thing of the past.  Surprising?  Not really.  As hacks increase, so will the ways to prevent them.  Two-factor authentication is emerging as a more secure approach in which companies across all industries are embracing ─ practically rendering the password obsolete.

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Here are some more tips for troubleshooting common ProLiant Gen9 issues.

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Chances are every company you’ve ever worked for has faced some type of audit at some time or another. Publishers such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle, just to name a few, reach out and all but force you into some type of audit action. With the constant changes to their complex licensing models, there’s a strong chance that you might not even be aware of any compliance risks until it’s too late. And that’s just if you’re under licensing.

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Join En Pointe’s Azure specialists in our Azure and Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS) Roadshows, beginning in Omaha this month and ending in Los Angeles in May. Learn how organizations are supporting the changes in the modern workplace to make sure employees have the connections and mobility required in today’s work environments.