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As the seasons change and new technologies surface, the IT landscape reshapes itself. New solutions begin to flourish, and fads disappear as quickly as they emerge. The industry sees solutions for problems it didn’t know existed, and the analysts speak out.

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Looking at desktops? Consider the Dell OptiPlex 9020 Desktop Computer.

Many businesses and companies today are still riding the wave of desktop computers in their businesses, remote offices, and even at home. The desktop computer is not only becoming smaller in form factor size but also more dependable than ever, more powerful than ever, and extremely competitively priced. So let’s take a look at what Dell has to offer in their very popular OptiPlex 9020 desktop computer series.

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Apple recently announced a new feature that will come with iOS8 and Mac OS X updates, called Continuity. Continuity is the idea that the application workflow will follow the user from one device to another, even phone calls and texts. Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, and especially since it introduced the iPad, consumers have been dreaming of the day of being able seamlessly switch devices and continue to working on or using the application right where they left off, even mid-draft.

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Today, we have evolved into a mobile-first world – one that considers how tablets can integrate practical business applications to serve an enterprise environment.

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I am returning back to the office after attending Microsoft’s Annual Worldwide Partner Conference with over a dozen of my colleagues (quite an investment from our company!) where I learned about the latest technology and how we can help our customers embrace modern technology while improving their business experience in today’s marketplace. This year’s event was held in Washington D.C.

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Simple though powerful and easy to use, the video tool Camtasia offers one of the finest screen recording and video editing tools that you can manage without going through tutorials or complex trainings. Designed with education in mind, Camtasia provides educators with a simple and productive tool to support their teaching plans.

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Power users listen-up – the Dell Precision Mobile Workstation (M3800) is here with a new slimmed-down look; thinnest 15” workstation ever with plenty of bells and whistles to boot. The M3800 workstation is a true workstation that comes standard with Intel 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processors, Windows 7 Professional, English, 64-BIT (includes Windows 8.1. Pro 64 bit License) and an optional QHD+ (3200 X 1800) display.

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What is data for you? For me, it is the reason for having a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile. Data is my office work, each and every file I make, songs I love to listen to, and pictures of my family and friends.

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Web-Scale IT

In the past 20 years, En Pointe has become one of the largest nationwide systems integrators by consistently bringing the right technology solutions to our customers. Part of our innovative heritage involves looking ahead at the direction of the industry – hence our slogan, “Making IT Happen”. 

This enables us to guide customers with architecting and implementing technologies that are right for each individual environment.

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One of the great benefits of being in the cloud is being on the latest and greatest, so it should be no surprise that a new evolution lies ahead for Office 365 – this time for small and mid-sized business plans (current Enterprise Plans will remain the same). Microsoft is using all of your feedback to provide you better packages and offerings.