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IT is being challenged to rapidly reallocate resources in response to unpredictable fluctuations in demands for services. Demands to increase the quality and quantity of IT services while at the same time having to speed up the development cycle for evolving those services are not new. The problem is the speed and scale of response now necessary to satisfy these demands.

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Organizations that experience significant growth often find themselves struggling to stay on top of IT service requests and infrastructure as they grow. IT teams are stretched thin trying to “put out fires” and don’t have a strong foundation to scale with the organization. With so many requests, these teams are unable to see the big picture, to implement changes that may solve persistent service issues, predict potential points of failure, and prevent downtime which can affect productivity – and the bottom line.

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VMware vCloud Air, formerly known as VMware Hybrid Services, brings the cloud natively to VMware customers. The new release allows for private clouds and disaster recovery (DR) as a service – both with their own benefits.  With 11 data centers worldwide and more coming on every month, customers can take advantage of geographically dispersed DR sites.

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En Pointe recently attended the Microsoft SAM (Software Asset Management) Summit as well as nearly every major player in the SAM business, and it was a great opportunity to network, idea share, and learn about upcoming changes in the way Microsoft runs the program. The theme of this summit was summed up nicely in one line by our first presenter of the day.

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Mobility has transformed the enterprise. Employee satisfaction and productivity have increased, work is more collaborative, and communications are no longer restricted by user or location. While the benefits of mobility are obvious, organizations struggle to manage the increased risks to both device and data security.

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This year’s Dell World event was by far the best one yet in my humble opinion. Don’t get me wrong or anything; the previous years’ events were awesome, but there was just something special about this year’s Dell World. It was electric! The energy throughout the event was infectious and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves throughout the event.  

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The younger generation of IT folks bring more BYOD challenges. They demand instant anywhere/anytime access. How does the older generation of IT folks accommodate them so as not to pose a risk? The answer: Microsoft Office 365, Azure and Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

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We all know mobility is changing the world. Our customers want to do more in an interconnected digital world. They want to find a perfect solution for empowering their users with productivity whilst maintaining IT manageability and controlling data access, security and device management. The answer is the Enterprise Cloud Suite.

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As information held by an organization increases, so do the rules about what information must be kept. Some regulations are retentive in nature (the regulation mandates retention of specific records) like:

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What’s holding you back from moving to the Cloud?

Let’s be honest; it’s a big step. The thought of moving your entire email and content to a single cloud vendor is at the top of the list. No one wants to take the risk of even the slightest downtime. That’s when it pays to have a Microsoft partner who understands the benefits of the latest technology available like Office 365 and Azure but also recognizes the customers’ needs and the complimentary products and solutions that help customers take the next step.