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In this installment of the Azure Apprentice blog series, we will be taking a closer look at the Azure Websites Backup and Restore feature. This feature allows you to either manually or automatically backup your website and linked databases.

What actually gets backed up during this operation?

  • Website Configuration
  • Website File Content
  • SQL Server or MySQL databases that are connected to your site

The target for these backups is an Azure Storage Account that you create and specify. A few important notes to keep in mind:

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Walking around a hospital today, you’ll see doctors, nurses and administrators holding tablets, using them to view patient charts, conduct searches, or take notes. As they move from patient to patient, they can pull up everything they need with the swipe of a finger, allowing them to quickly and efficiently keep track of their patients’ history and condition.

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In a time when licensing is becoming increasingly complex to manage and deploy, Microsoft has announced the Next Generation of Volume Licensing (NGVL). NGVL is an initiative to simplify customers’ overall experience by allowing them to consolidate all of their purchases under one agreement.

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Remember the early days of the cloud when it elicited dreams of self-service IT and streamlined support? Well, anyone who has done anything in the cloud will tell you (with a nervous smile) that vision turned out to be very far from the reality that they experienced.

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Have you found yourself clutching your roller bag as you begrudgingly hand it over to airline personnel and pray that a haphazardly placed barcode sticker ensures your precious belongings make it to your destination? Then again, I was traumatized at a young age when an airline lost a beloved stuffed animal in transit. But with personal grudges aside, many have criticized the airline industry’s adoption of new technology, or lack therof, to streamline operations.

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So your organization wants to move to Office 365? Great. Now comes the point where you figure out how you can get the data you currently have on your obsolete email solution over to Office 365. What are the challenges you are going to face? Where to start?

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View the Introduction and Creating Windows Cluster - Part 1 of this 3-part series on SQL Server and read on for the next steps to enable the AlwaysOn feature and create Availability Groups.

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Over the past five years, mobility has had a profound impact on how businesses operate, consume IT resources, and bring their products and services to market. While many IT vendors are focused on serving large enterprises, U.S. SMBs (those firms with less than 1,000 employees) are also enjoying the benefits of enterprise-class mobile IT solutions.

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Special education is just that – special. Students require extra assistance in the classroom to facilitate their learning and development. While special education is an umbrella term that covers various disabilities, students with any learning or developmental disability can benefit from today’s rapid development in technology. Technology acts as an equalizer for students with disabilities, decreasing the gap between special and general education classes.