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Implementing the best storage system technologies and defining the architecture that delivers the best combination of cost and performance requires trade-offs between application requirements and the capabilities of available technologies.  Particular applications may have requirements that can be met by a dedicated storage appliance or more sophisticated tiered storage system using various storage technologies and various networking technologies.

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I am not very tech savvy. In marketing and events, I need to know the best way to plan and organize a lunch or event, which does not always translate to knowing what I am doing in the technology realm.  Because of this, it makes me so excited each time our IT Expos roll around.

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According to a study by Forrester Research, data shows that by 2016, one billion consumers will have smartphones or tablets. Mobile devices will become the crucial medium for interacting with customers. Another element is that a sizeable portion of the world population is connected to the internet.

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In this installment of the Azure Apprentice Blog series I want to walk you through the basics of publishing a website via Visual Studio (2013 in this case) to Azure as an Azure Website. Let us first establish what an Azure Website is and the value that it can bring to your organization.

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With the decimation of IT budgets from year to year, there is no certainty what the future looks like for governments and IT investment abilities. Further, with the release of software publisher upgrades and updates every year (and “patches” in between), it has become nearly impossible for IT staff to keep up with changes and predict related hardware and upgrade costs. As software becomes more feature-rich, it also requires a hefty investment in hardware.

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In a previous article article, I discussed the concept of an organizational Electronic Knowledge Repository (EKR). What should you put IN your organizational EKR?  When developing the organizational EKR for your IT department, you might include the types of documents listed here.

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While previous research shows that many CIOs in the healthcare sector were not early adopters of cloud technology, a new survey released by Frost & Sullivan reveals that “nearly half of the IT decision makers in healthcare companies across the United States and Europe have moved the majority of their enterprise communications to the cloud,” as reported by Talkin’ Cloud.

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When a customer asks why they should upgrade to the latest software version of Windows Server, it’s our job to assess and educate them on the benefits of upgrading as well as the risks of NOT upgrading.

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In this installment of the Azure Apprentice blog series, we will be taking a closer look at the Azure Websites Backup and Restore feature. This feature allows you to either manually or automatically backup your website and linked databases.

What actually gets backed up during this operation?

  • Website Configuration
  • Website File Content
  • SQL Server or MySQL databases that are connected to your site

The target for these backups is an Azure Storage Account that you create and specify. A few important notes to keep in mind:

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Walking around a hospital today, you’ll see doctors, nurses and administrators holding tablets, using them to view patient charts, conduct searches, or take notes. As they move from patient to patient, they can pull up everything they need with the swipe of a finger, allowing them to quickly and efficiently keep track of their patients’ history and condition.