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Why iPad works for you:

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From Desktop to iPad

With the iPad, you have a mobile office in your hand allowing you to take on a variety of tasks in the office, at home, or on the go. From reviewing sales proposals to approving project plans, or even annotating a legal document or signing a contract, the iPad allows you to do all that with built-in apps to fulfill all your business needs. iPad allows you to retrieve attachments and edit them using a variety of business apps, making carrying printouts and folders a thing of the past .

Integrate, Secure, and Deploy

iPad delivers off-the-shelf support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync including email, calendar and contact access. Accessing company data securely has been made possible with “SSL VPN and Enterprise Wi-Fi protocols,” and device encryption. Use your iPad to access corporate assets from the server without compromising security.

Business Intelligence at Your Fingertips

iPad allows you to be truly mobile while staying connected to your company’s network so that you have quick access to mission critical business data. Make decisions on the go based on data insight even when you are not in the office. Tweak reports, drill down in to the details, adjust variables using existing business intelligence and sales data systems. iPad apps including Mail and Calendar come built-in so you can manage your schedule or reply to an email with a flick of the finger. Meanwhile, iPad’s Safari app allows you to access the internet and / or company’s intranet while on the go and Notes allow you to capture ideas and brainstorm anytime, anywhere.

Apps that Do the Heavy Lifting

With thousands of apps available at the App Store, you are sure to find an app to help facilitate your daily task list. From tracking key metrics to editing documents or organizing travel plans, iPad apps are designed to meet your business needs. And if that is not enough, you can develop a customized app to fulfill your unique requirements. iPad is a powerful platform to help you run apps that refine and redefine the way you work.

Convenient Collaboration

iPad means collaboration, whether you are looking to collaborate with colleagues or clients. Turn hallway conversation into professional-looking sketches, share whiteboard ideas with off-site colleagues instantaneously. With a few taps, markup PDFs on the go and share with clients and colleagues. iPad is a powerhouse built for business apps, its super-fast graphics, powerful processor, large LED-backlit display and unmatched battery life allow you to collaborate and brainstorm in a visually compelling way.

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