EDI Capabilities

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a standard Industry protocol to exchange electronic business documents (data) between business partners. This technology allows systems to be integrated quickly by following rigid formats and communication protocols.

Utilizing EDI Processes

En Pointe has utilized mature EDI processes to facilitate complex variations of some of the standard EDI templates as well as incorporated custom fields, diverse mapping, and filtering for specific customer needs. En Pointe understands the diverse accounting needs of our customers and partners and has invested properly to insure customer goals and expectations are always met.

EDI Solution Suite

En Pointe currently utilizes Sterling commerce’s EDI solution suite, a leader in the EDI industry to provide reliable, robust, and secure EDI transaction support. In addition to Sterling’s VAN, En Pointe can transmit documents over FTP and using AS2 communication. En Pointe understands the challenges to provide services dependable enough for organizations to rely on for their e-commerce needs thus permitting our partners to save money by replacing manual processes of data entry and document exchanges such as paper faxes and emails. It also reduces the cost of handling these business documents and making their sorting, distribution, organization and search-ability much more efficient. In today’s era of technologies, EDI is the data format used by the vast majority of electronic commerce transactions in the industry.

Transactions by EDI Codes

Some of the most common transactions by EDI Codes are:

  • Price Catalog (832)
  • Purchase Order (850)
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgment (855)
  • Invoice (810)
  • Inventory Catalog (846)
  • Functional Acknowledgment (997)
EDI Capabilities