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Every organization is beginning to adopt a cloud roadmap, but for many companies deciding where and how the cloud can fit into their plans and business goals is not an easy question to answer. Microsoft Azure offers the best hybrid cloud platform for organizations to move to the cloud at their own pace, taking advantage of the scalability and flexibility of cloud services where it makes sense for them while leaving other applications and workloads on premise...

The world is evolving… from how we work to where we work and how we access our sensitive data. Is your security keeping pace with the changes? Find out how you can block threats like never before with the industry’s first Secure Internet Gateway in the cloud.

Enterprises are increasingly looking to Microsoft to help power their digital transformation as they adopt Azure cloud services and Office 365. These same organizations look to Veritas to help retain control of their data and stay in regulatory compliance. The strategic partnership between Veritas and Microsoft gives them the best of both worlds by accelerating their digital transformation while managing the data risks, complexity, and costs that come with change.

Samsung has paired groundbreaking technology with impeccable design to create next-generation, unlocked Galaxy smartphones because today’s enterprise employees need the ability to work effectively on the go. No matter the business or budget, Samsung Galaxy delivers cutting-edge security, speed to boost productivity and powerful features for intuitive device management.

IT Professionals today are facing increasing complexity in maintaining their IT infrastructure. Many organizations have assets spread across Physical, Virtual, Private, and Public cloud environments and are finding it harder to achieve the level of stability and control required for their applications.