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The Oracle Database Appliance is a completely integrated package of software, computer networking, and storage that’s been optimized and engineered to offer performance and scale for your Oracle Databases and applications. It’s fully integrated, which means it’s designed to save you time, effort, and cost throughout its lifecycle. And not only is it architected for the on-premise world, it’s also architected for cloud. No one else does this. And when you’re ready to take the next step on your cloud journey; whether it is private, hybrid, or public, Oracle offers options for all three.

As more SaaS services are being used by organizations, IT has the responsibility to make sure their organization does not become a victim to identity theft. Hackers will use whatever means necessary to break into organization to gain access to intellectual properties that might be stored on servers.

Prepare your company with the new requirements of an All-Flash Datacenter and learn how you can take advantage of flash performance to accelerate your company’s needs. HPE continues to demonstrate the ability to extend and enhance the 3PAR platform, providing an ongoing value for customers through one of the most effective storage architectures in the industry.

Does your company still use email to communicate? With Microsoft teams, this will allow you to use a solution to get faster responses, get work done quicker, and allow projects to finish on time.

As more organizations begin migrating data and workloads to the public cloud, IT departments are struggling with challenges related to moving from a capex model to a consumption based model. Controlling costs in the cloud is a key priority for decision makers and IT pros alike and understanding how services are charged and accounted for is an integral piece in any cloud strategy.